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“Effective Velocity is simply the best information on strategy that I have learned throughout my career.  I just wish I had been introduced at the beginning of my career.”

Carlos Pena

Carlos Pena

MLB Network Analyst

“Where you start with learning about pitching deception such as Ev Tunnels, is on Perry Husband’s website.  In the beginning with the Astros, I relied on Perry a lot to help me see how to get the most out of my pitchers.  Effective Velocity is my ‘go to’ when it comes to designing pitcher arsenals.”

Brent Strom

MLB Pitching Coach, Houston Astros - Arizona Diamondbacks

“We use Effective Velocity every day when designing our game plans for my hitters.  I call Perry the ‘Father of Timing’, I gotta give Perry a lot of credit for his work with Ev for hitters of all levels.”

Tim Hyers

MLB Hitting Coach, Red Sox - Rangers

“We implement Effective Velocity game planning every day.  When you look at pitchers through the Ev Lens, there is no place to hide.  Our goal is to be 100/100 every at bat, which is one of our keys to success.”

JT Gasso

Hitting Coach, University of Oklahoma Softball

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