Effective Velocity Softball Hitting Training begins with Level 1, measuring swing output to diagnose the individual hitter’s level of efficiency.  Each hitter is tested, analyzed and is given a customized workout, specific to their individual swing issues.  Once the player is at their max levels of physical swing efficiency, then it is time to progress to Level 2, Timing & Pitch Recognition.  Hitters learn critical skills needed to identify pitch traits to help the hitter with the most important element in hitting, timing.  Level 3 is the ultimate in game planning, giving the player the best chance to be successful against top level pitchers.
100/100 is the mantra of the best softball hitting approaches because it is the formula for getting to your max levels in physical swing efficiency and timing.  100% On Time Contact & 100% Swing Efficiency or using your ‘A Swing’ on time.  Ev softball hitting programs include 3 different levels of training.  

  • Level 1 Time Training focuses on getting players to their max level of power and contact consistency. 
  • Level 2 Time Training introduces hitters to the world of Pitch Recognition & Timing drills that help hitters get better at 100/100 every day.  When was the last time you truly practiced ‘Timing’, the most important element in hitting a softball?
  • Level 3 Time Training is geared to the mental part of the game, Advanced Game Planning & Pitcher Profiles.  The ultimate confidence is ‘Knowledge’.  Ev softball hitters know exactly what to focus on to produce power and consistent contact at the elite levels.  

Every hitter is either ‘Hunting’ or they are being ‘Hunted’……………. Which are you?

“Thank you Perry for such a great resource.  Effective Velocity is a concept that we practice every day on the field.  As hitters, Ev gives meaning to our approach and allows our hitters to be confident at the plate.  Every hitter goes up with a plan and comes back to the dugout with the right adjustments needed to succeed in the game.  We appreciate all your work with us!  HAPPY HUNTING!”
JT Gasso
Hitting Coach University of Oklahoma
2016-2017 National Champs

Todd Budke for over 10 years, was considered the best hitter in the world of Men’s Fastpitch softball.  He was the Captain of the USA National Team and is a member of the Hall of Fame. 
Todd has worked with many top level collegiate players, including the National Player of the Year, Rachel Garcia.  Todd has been a proponent of Effective Velocity softball hitting protocols throughout his playing career as well as an instructor.  Getting players to their max levels in swing efficiency, power and contact consistency.