Getting Filthy – Implementing Effective Velocity Book


Implementing EV one element at a time in a simple lesson format.  When you really want to learn ‘to pitch’, this book walks you through the process, step by step.



Implementing Effective Velocity one element at a time in a simple lesson format. Effective Velocity is complex when you look at the science as a whole, but it is made up of many easy to understand elements. This book and online video course walks you through the process, Step-by-Step, one element at a time.  Each Ev element you master, takes you one step closer to becoming ‘Filthy’.  Ev efficient pitchers understand and have a mastery over aspects such as Speed Control, Location ‘Feel’, Learning Movement, Ev Pitch Design, Scientific Ev Pitch Sequencing and many other aspects of ‘Deception’.  There is also a temporary bonus of the Getting Filthy Online Video Course ($89 Value) included with the purchase of the Getting Filthy Book.

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